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13 April 2021
estate agents in spain

Are you a Spanish Estate Agent based in Spain or elsewhere in the world?

Would you like to advertise with us?

Do you want to promote your business at very low cost? 

Spain Coast and Country Spanish Property Portal can help. We do more than any other Property Portal in Spain to promote and raise your Spanish Estate Agency profile. 

Not only do we give you a business page section that links to all your property listings, we also promote your company logo on our homepage (with link) and publish articles submitted by you about your agency, Spanish Property Locations plus anything else you would like to say to our many visitors for FREE. All you have to do is sign up for one of our Estate Agent price packages and you’re ready to promote you, your business and Spanish Property Listings.

The most important requirement that an agent expects from a Spanish Property Portal is ‘regular, quality buyer leads’, but that’s not the only thing we do. The second most important thing you need is ‘EXPOSURE’ – You probably already deal with Property Portals that push your own website down the Google listing pages – we don’t do that! Spain Coast and Country Property Portal actually pushes your website UP the Google indexing league table, yes you read that right! So how does that work? 

For us It’s all about your website and your business profile. You need high quality back-links from reputable, highly rated websites that are respected by search engines connected with your business type. 

That’s what we deliver. We enhance your website ranking, unlike other major property portals that send you tumbling down the search results. Instead of charging you thousands to make your real estate website invisible, you only pay us a small amount to promote your properties, your business profile and essentially boost your company website at the same time.  Visit our FAQs page now and learn more about how Spain Coast and Country Property Portal can do more for your business than any other property portal in Spain.

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