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Buying A Property In Spain – There’s Never Been A Better Choice Or Time.

Buying A Property In Spain – There’s Never Been A Better Choice Or Time. 

Since home ownership became practically possible for overseas buyers in the late 1970s and early 1980s; the main obstacle has always been availability and legality. 

In those early times, finding an estate agent that spoke your language in the location you wanted to live was rather hit and miss. There were very few overseas estate agents based in Spain until the late 1990s when the new build boom began. 

Before that, it was incredibly difficult to locate an estate agent; mainly because there was no Internet available to carry out your research. Instead, we had box ads in national newspapers or Exchange and Mart magazine. It was difficult to find a multilingual speaker at the other end of the phone outside of the popular costas. 

Most Spanish Property house hunters had little choice but to arrive in their desired location and patrol the high streets desperately seeking out an estate agent who could understand them. In most cases, you would wander into a local Spanish owned showroom, they would be very basic, often having no property on display in their windows. The result was, more often than not, very disappointing, with many hopeful buyers returning home empty handed and disillusioned. 

No Choice

There was simply no choice! The Spanish property market was most unlike its Northern European equivalent; badly organized and devoid of professional presentation and a legal minefield to the uninitiated. 

The average Spanish estate agent kept their property listings mostly in their heads and not in their windows. In those days, there was very little in the way of new-build homes and the selection of golf resort properties was virtually non-existent. The general housing stock was of low quality, with poor access to the main utilities and useable road networks. Many Properties for sale in Spain were of questionable legality – to put it mildly.

The vast majority of the housing stock was old, in poor condition and often totally undocumented or compromising of illegal extensions. To make matters worse, there were hardly any lawyers to specialise in property conveyance. Even today, indigenous Spanish property buyers don’t use lawyers. Instead they deal with their purchase through local notaries themselves, a process almost impossible to navigate for foreign buyers who are not fluent in the Spanish language. Foreign buyers were very much pioneers, navigating a perilous path that frequently ended in tears as well as substantial financial losses. 

Foreign Buyers Buying a Property in Spain

German and British buyers comprised the main foreign buyer’s market in those early days. Prices were attractive even when frequently doubled or tripled by the vendors sensing a gullible foreign buyer. It was quite common as a foreign buyer to hear of a property for sale in a local bar through a corredor (a local person who knew all the properties for sale in the area). After adding his fee, plus a little something for his mate who could speak pigeon English; another mate who had a vehicle that could take you there, plus a few other hangers-on, it was not unusual for a property on the local market for 3mn peseta (£16,000) to finally be offered to a British buyer for over £40,000. Amazingly, it still seemed cheap and a significant amount of foreign buyers pressed ahead and bought their bargain dream home in Spain. 

As the new millennium approached, the foreign buyers market increased exponentially. A whole new market grew as many British and German expats opened up their own estate agency showrooms aiming at their home markets, fed by popular new TV programmes like A Place in the Sun. Spanish lawyers were sought to provide assistance with property searches, legal checks and official translation at the notary, where transactions were only conducted in Spanish. There were no restrictions on becoming an estate agent in Spain, you could leave Croydon or Frankfurt as a taxi driver on Friday and open your estate agency in Spain the following Monday.

The Boom 

The Spanish property market boomed for the next 8 years. With more than 5 million housing units built. During that time and by end of 2009 (the financial crash) over 2 million were still unsold. Whole urbanisations and some new towns were repossessed by the Bank of Spain that had underwritten the risk on developer’s loans. Before the Spanish Property boom, it was estimated there were 20 million homes in Spain, by 2009, there were 25 million. 

It took around 5 years until (2014) before the local and overseas buyers returned; in any meaningful way to the Spanish property market. Then in 2016, after the UK Brexit referendum, the recovering market faltered as potential buyers across Europe postponed their plans of owning their own dream homes in Spain as the whole of Europe stood back to consider the impact of the United Kingdom – a major financial contributor – leaving the European Union.

Between 2008 and 2016; many UK nationals and a significant amount of foreign property owners, either sold up or abandoned their homes in Spain. Even the Spanish simply handed into the banks the keys to their own properties and either returned; to live with their parents or rent a cheaper place due to job losses or severe income cuts. Again, by 2018, a new recovery in the Spanish Property market began. It didn’t last long though. By March 2020 the Covid_19 pandemic stopped it in its tracks and as the full impact of Brexit took hold; there was a second exodus of foreign owners back to their respective home countries. The tourist industry was on hold for virtually 14 months; causing holiday home owners and landlords to enthusiastically dispose of their assets in Spain at almost any price.


So, as the pandemic subsides and worldwide travel returns, so too does the Spanish Property market. But, compared to the original boom times of the 1980s/90s and 00s, there are those extra 5 million plus properties. Old, low quality resale homes renovated and re-renovated by foreign owners; raising the standards and improving the housing stock to northern European levels. Legalising and modernising hundreds of thousands of traditional Spanish properties. Billions of euros in upgrades were ploughed into new airports, road networks and golf resorts; not just in facilities, but also in utilities; with improved water and electrical supplies, as well as sewerage, telephone and Internet connections. 

So in today’s Spanish Property market; you have over 5 million extra homes, several more millions of refurbished, renovated and improved homes; with much improved amenities all available to overseas buyer at bargain prices. Additionally, Spain now offers modern legal conveyancing; thanks to those foreign agents who moulded the legal representatives; who replicated the property sales process in their respective home countries. 

The new wave of Spanish Property buyers from across Northern Europe; can now access more property choices than ever before, receive secure legal advice and representation at very low prices. That’s why there has never been a better time to buy a property in Spain. If you are selling check our PRICING page.

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Property for sale in Murcia Costa Calida Spain.

Property for sale in Murcia Costa Calida Spain.

Murcia Property for sale and rent is the main focus of our latest property portal.

We are about to launch Murcia Coast and Country, our latest Spanish Property Portal that specialises in villas, apartments, land and commercials for sale in the region of Murcia and the Costa Calida.

Murcia Coast and Country is the first of many regional property portals in Spain and enhances our reputation as Spain’s National and Regional Property Portal.

House hunters will soon be able to visit and access many thousands of homes for sale in Murcia and the Costa Calida.

Murcia Coast and Country Property Portal will provide all the information a Spanish Property Buyer will require; to then confidently proceed with buying their Murcian property for sale or rent. 

We will also provide a directory of essential services; from lawyers to home furnishings retailers, plus property management and rental professionals in the region of Murcia and the Costa Calida in Spain. 

We look forward to bringing more information for property buyers in Spain and the Region of Murcia soon. 

The website is now live along with the other sister sites; of Alicante coast and country, Almeria coast and country, Granada coast and country and Malaga coast and country.

These sites all link together with Spain coast and country; all supporting Spain Property Portal making it an excellent property portal network. Not only for buyers searching for properties but for the agents and private sellers too.

We hope you enjoy the property selections the agents have provided; and we hope the agents and private sellers are happy with the enquiries they receive from these portals. You can contact us if you have any ideas of how we can improve the network of sites.

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Country Property for sale in Spain – Is it Still the Best Value For Money?

Country Property for sale in Spain – Is it Still the Best Value For Money?

To cut a long story short, YES.

Rural property for sale in Spain has always provided the best value per square metre of living space and of course, with the added fringe benefit of lashings of extra land. Then of course we need to acknowledge the added privacy (space between neighbouring properties) and views.

When it comes to value for money, you have the choice of a 3 bed 140m2 apartment in Marbella with a rooftop solarium, or an 8 bedroom, 400m2 detached hillside farmhouse inland with 5 acres of land providing 360 degree views of open countryside – both could cost you 500,000€. But, it all depends on your personal requirements.

You might be looking for a lock-up and go holiday home, in a gated community where all of the maintenance is done for you. If that’s your preference, then the country House option would, on the face of it, seem less appropriate. Well, not necessarily. The maintenance costs on a large country home  could amount to the same expense as the community fees on a gated community. So, in reality, your large country house could offer you a lock-up and go holiday home and provide you with a nice spacious place with extra privacy compared to an apartment by the coast.

Be it a coastal apartment or a substantial country house, both will be able to provide investment income. In each case, there is rental income to be earned during the periods you choose not to occupy it.

Let’s also compare resale values. If you purchased the coastal apartment or the country house, then after say 5 years, you might want to liquidate your asset. What profit could you expect to make when a buyer comes along! Would the apartment have increased in value more quickly than the rural home? Despite it being almost impossible to predict, the chances are; there would be little or no difference in their respective values.

The past 12 years have thrown up a few curve balls. From global financial crisis to Brexit and the current Covid19 pandemic. Who could possibly predict, or even dare to predict where Spanish property values will be in 5 years time. At a guess; there is every likelihood that comparable values between the coastal apartment and a country home will remain more or less equal; even if the resale market goes up or down.

In summary, of course the Spanish Country Property offers more bang for your buck; greater versatility of use and of course, that extra privacy. So our verdict is yes, it is certainly the best choice if you are looking for value for money.

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Rent to Buy Properties in Spain Is a Huge Market For Spanish Owners!

rent to buy

Rent to Buy! Do you own a Spanish Property? Are you finding your property for sale in Spain difficult to shift!?

Perhaps you should consider a rent to buy option.

The Spanish Property market is changing rapidly, due to the current Covid pandemic and of course, the restrictions relating to Brexit.

For the past 20 years, the UK has provided the largest Spanish Property buying segment in Spain. In fact, it still does. But the demographic has changed significantly.

For many years, Spanish Property Buyers from the UK have either been planning to retire, own a holiday home or an investment portfolio for rental income.

However, since Britain’s departure from the EU in January 2021, we’re seeing a new and different kind of buyer.

Who is Buying?

From all over Europe, Spanish Property Buyers are getting younger. The average age of house hunters in Spain is now in the 38-50 year old bracket. Usually professionals who can run their existing business online, or simply commute to their office when required. Alternatively, they might be early retirees who plan to buy a property in Spain and start a new business from home or in tourism.

A significant amount of current buyers seeking a property in Spain are looking for Rent to buy options and they tend to have larger budgets than the average Spanish Property Buyer. Often they are already living in Spain, looking for the ideal property to live and work from. They are usually in a rental property, but only using it as a base.

They are looking for the ultimate property; probably whilst waiting for their own property in the UK, Belgium or Netherlands to sell or complete. It is likely they will require a top-up mortgage, which takes some time to arrange. But they are serious, motivated buyers with a significant budget should the right property present itself.

These rent to buy clients; often prefer to experience living in the property before they are in a position to complete. But they must be taken seriously.

Specialist rent to buy Spanish Property Agents can put in place the right contract for a 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 year term, with the owner receiving a substantial deposit and monthly payment. Should the buyer choose to cancel or withdraw from the purchase, the owner receives the deposit and the rental income, often tens of thousands of euros, a decent compensation for a property that may not have sold or is sticking.

Should the tenant exercise their right to buy, then the property owner has a successful sale.

For more information on Spanish Rent to Buy options, please contact, one of our advertising agents who will be pleased to provide further information.

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Spanish Property For Sale by Spain Coast and Country Property Portal

If you are a prospective Spanish Property Buyer, looking for a property for sale or rent in Spain then you have arrived at the right place.

Our brand new Spanish Property Portal is designed around you! Bringing together the best Spanish Estate Agents, Spanish Properties and essential service providers all in one place; saving you time for instance.

Now, house hunters; seeking their new home in Spain have access to a growing list of Spanish Property for sale and rent in all the popular regions and locations.

Our Spanish Estate Agents update their listings every day, with the latest listings price reductions. Property lawyers and currency providers, along with mortgage brokers, publish essential advice and updates on our website; which keeps you up-to-date and well-informed about all the latest news, developments and events.

In the coming weeks and months you will will have free access to all this information and helpful advice on one website.

You can bookmark us then register as a regular user; saving your Property searches and receive the latest Properties for sale direct to your inbox. 

To register for the property alerts all you have to do is follow this link. REGISTER. Then fill out the form with your property requirements.

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Invitation to promote your business on Spain Coast and Country for FREE.

invitation Blog Breadcrumb Background

We at are in the Pre-Launch stage of a new Spanish Property Portal. The invitation is to advertise for free.

We’re re-imagining how property portals should work.

We want our users to feature front a centre because you are important.

Whether you choose to be an advertiser of essential services; or promote your properties for sale or rent, your business with receive full EXPOSURE.

Unlike other Spanish Property Portals, we want to promote your website. Instead of making your brand invisible, we will feature it across every area of our portal. From our homepage and property pages to an individual user’s page. We’re happy to provide back-links to your website, which then will be helping your company move up search engine rankings.

Within the next 12 months; we will cover every region and community in Spain; then with a network of highly ranked, individual websites, all linking with UPDATE. We now have 5 regional province coast and country sites; which you can see on the PRICING page.


At this early stage, we are offering your business FREE REPRESENTATION on our platform; because we’re looking for motivated brands sharing our innovative mindset. There will be no cost to you for the first year.

If you would like to see your business grow with us; then you can send us your XML property feed, or load them individually onto our property portal; by creating a FREE account and adding your properties FOR SALE or FOR RENT; individually through your own – easy to use – dashboard/admin area.

Alternatively, you may be an essential services provider such as; lawyer, property rental or management service, furniture supplier, architect, builder, currency provider; or any other business that would provide useful services to Spanish Property Buyers and Estate Agents.

You will also be able to send us promotional articles about your brand and blog posts; that provide information and helpful advice to our website visitors that are published and featured on our homepage.

OUR FREE INVITATION OFFER is limited to a select few brands in each region of Spain.

All we ask in return; is that you put our reciprocal banner or box advertisement in a prominent position on your website page or pages. Please get in touch and we’ll be happy to explain our future plans; and how they can boost your expertise and brand.

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A Powerful Marketing Platform For Estate Agents in Spain

powerful marketing cropped-Spain-Coast-and-Country-Favicon-Logo.png

Are you a Spanish Estate Agent based in Spain or elsewhere in the world? Then a powerful marketing platform is what you need?

Would you like to advertise with us?

Do you want to promote your business at very low cost? 

Spain Coast and Country Spanish Property Portal can help. We do more than any other Property Portal in Spain to promote and raise your Spanish Estate Agency profile. 

Not only do we give you a business page section that links to all your property listings, we also promote your company logo on our homepage (with link) and publish articles submitted by you about your agency, Spanish Property Locations plus anything else you would like to say to our many visitors for FREE. All you have to do is sign up for one of our Estate Agent price packages and you’re ready to promote you, your business and Spanish Property Listings.

The most important requirement that an agent expects from a Spanish Property Portal is ‘regular, quality buyer leads’; but that’s not the only thing we do. The second most important thing you need is ‘EXPOSURE’. You probably already deal with Property Portals that push your own website down the Google listing pages. We don’t do that! Spain Coast and Country Property Portal actually pushes your website UP the Google indexing league table; yes you read that right! So how does that work? 

For us It’s all about your website and your business profile. You need high quality back-links from reputable, highly rated websites that are respected by search engines connected with your business type. This is where a powerful marketing platform is essential.

That’s what we deliver. We enhance your website ranking, unlike other major property portals that send you tumbling down the search results. Instead of charging you thousands to make your real estate website invisible; you only pay us a small amount to promote your properties; your business profile and essentially boost your company website at the same time.  Visit our PRICING page now and learn more about how Spain Coast and Country Property Portal can do more for your business than any other property portal in Spain.

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Property For Sale in Spain – The Agent’s Portal

Property for sale

The Agent’s Property Portal Has Arrived! Property for sale in Spain.

Launching a brand new Property Portal in Spain takes courage, belief and a great deal of optimism – did we mention cash, blood, sweat and tears – let’s not worry about that. You only want to hear about success, increased sales and future growth of your business and we absolutely share your expectations!

Our success is dependent on yours!

So, in a crowded marketplace, how do we re-imagine the fundamentals of this hugely important real estate sector? That’s the question we asked each other as we sat around the table, totally dissatisfied with what is currently on offer to hardworking Spanish Property Agents trying to overcome and survive the challenges of the past decade or so.

After weeks of soul searching, shared experiences and a considerable amount of coffee, we were onto something. Five elements emerged, again and again that, as former Spanish Property Agents, we were not impressed about from the established Spanish Property Portals.

Here they are for you to agree with:-

1. Price

2. Flexibility

3. Indifference

4. Visibility

5. Limitations

The largest and most expensive international Property Portals don’t really understand the Spanish Property market. Naming no names, they are UK centric. Mostly obsessed with London and the South East of the UK. You know who they are… admit it! Their overseas section offers little in the way of actual features or the property characteristics we require in Spain. Our area of operations is nothing more than an extra income stream to them.

Then come the other dominant players. OK, they specialise in overseas properties and locations, but Spain is just that… A location! You are still a small fish in a large sea. Yes, they can claim to have a million visitors per month, but what are the odds that your 100 properties in your little area of Spain will get noticed?

Closer to home are the established, specialist Spanish property portals, you know these too! They grew fat in the good times, but, after the world financial crisis of 2008, they dug in, circled their wagons and refused to offer deals to their loyal customers. Many of their users/agents simply had to closed their doors and reluctantly went away… Thanks for nothing we said as we attended to our staff redundancies, lease obligations and company vehicle repossessions. The portal bosses simply replied… “you’ll be back!”

And of course, we were. By 2012, the market began to return, albeit slowly. Spanish Property Agents found enough in their meagre pots to send their xml_feed to the portals again. There was no welcome back, no loyalty discounts, it was simply business as usual for the legacy marketplace leaders in Spanish Property Portals. Well to be fair, they did offer the odd, extra ‘featured property’ concession, but that didn’t really cost them anything did it?

So, here we are, going through another, unimaginable major crisis in our industry and again, not of our making! Suddenly and inconveniently your portal renewal comes up and sales commissions are slow and spasmodic to say the least. You contact your ‘very polite’ portal account manager – yes, they are mostly lovely – until you ask for a concession on price, or a free month. We can already perceive the answer… “sorry, the computer says no!“

“Well sorry and all that, but it’s simply not good enough, I’ve been a loyal customer for 10 years, and I’m not happy, I’m going elsewhere!” – That’s what you want to say, but, with all of the above taken into consideration, where the hell is this ‘ELSEWHERE?”

Can we, at this juncture just say… WELCOME TO SPAIN COAST AND COUNTRY DOT COM. Yes, that’s right, we are `THE AGENT’S SPANISH PROPERTY PORTAL.’

This is where the coffee kicked in. It was our ‘caffeine moment’ – a big one and it makes sense. Please read on.

We don’t know about you, but, over the years, our founding partners have spent hundreds of thousands of euros on Spanish Property Portals, so much in fact, that we inadvertently paid for them to become so Internet dominant that they’ve pushed our own websites out of Google’s top 20 or 30 index. Perhaps, in your particular case, you no longer display in Google’s top 50, it’s highly probable.

Many of these elite portals don’t want to allow your logo to be prevalent on their platforms. Some won’t accept watermarked images and most prefer to keep your company brand presence to a single agency page that hardly any of their visitors will bother to click on. Many want to charge extra to display your logo. Then come the other limitations such as; maximum properties, images, a separate account for new build homes or multi-regional locations. You’re paying a premium price to be invisible, not only on their expensive marketing platform, but also to keep your very own expensive website out of the search engine’s top listings. That can’t be right!

NOW comes the good news. has been conceived to promote your brand, your estate agency, your location and your property listings, with your company name all over it. Yes, you can have watermarked images, yes, you can mention your company name and contact details in your property descriptions. You can also see your logo on every property listing.

We’ll provide backlinks to your website too and display your direct telephone number (not some 1p per minute earner for us) You are also invited to write a high profile articles several times a month, describing your business and local towns, cities and even individual properties you have for sale, all with your company logo, contact details and important backlinks to help your website climb in search engine rankings. Your articles will appear on our homepage blog and tips section and be indexed by the major search engines. That’s why we like to call ourselves ‘The Agents Property Portal’, because we’re here to help your business grow… and the faster you grow, the more popular we become, resulting in more, quality enquiries for your properties. But we’re also offering even more, please read on.

Let’s now look at our price packages. We know the cheapest isn’t necessarily the best, but, having read what we’ve said above, you will appreciate the best isn’t necessarily the most expensive. Flexibility, zero limitations and total appreciation of your loyalty and support is our mindset. To become the most visited and successful Spanish Property Portal, we must become THE AGENT’S PREFERRED PROPERTY PORTAL – we MUST earn your support, provide the best service at the lowest possible prices and be prepared to be flexible. Our price packages are already set at the lowest in the industry. But we are open to negotiations for longer-term commitment and smaller or larger than average property feeds.

Why not get in touch with us before we get in touch with you 😉 It will save you money!

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Spain Coast and Country Pre-Launch Success!

Spain Coast and Country Favicon Logo

After many months of research into the Spanish Property Portal sector; Spain Coast and Country property is up and ready for pre launch testing.

New Spanish Property agents are coming on board daily and the feedback we’re receiving is blowing us away!

Our determination to live up to the prestigious term of “The Agent’s Property Portal” is paying dividends; driving us forward with ideas for the future.

There will be further invitations going out to selected Spanish Property agents around the country as we add more regions and locations. Spain Coast and Country and the Regional Coast and Country are here.

So, welcome aboard the following;
Fuente Alamo Real Estate – Specialising in coastal and inland properties in the region of Murcia.
Spanish New Build Homes – Covering Murcia and the Costa Blanca with excellent deals for investors. – A dynamic, growing Estate Agency covering the whole of Spain and also offering Spanish Property owners a flat sales fee of just 1%!

Look out for many more Real Estate professionals joining our flourishing new venture into the Spain Property Portal marketplace.

If you would like to find out more about appearing on The Agent’s Property Portal for a Pre-launch trial then contact us here