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Property For Sale in Spain – The Agent’s Portal

Property for sale

The Agent’s Property Portal Has Arrived! Property for sale in Spain.

Launching a brand new Property Portal in Spain takes courage, belief and a great deal of optimism – did we mention cash, blood, sweat and tears – let’s not worry about that. You only want to hear about success, increased sales and future growth of your business and we absolutely share your expectations!

Our success is dependent on yours!

So, in a crowded marketplace, how do we re-imagine the fundamentals of this hugely important real estate sector? That’s the question we asked each other as we sat around the table, totally dissatisfied with what is currently on offer to hardworking Spanish Property Agents trying to overcome and survive the challenges of the past decade or so.

After weeks of soul searching, shared experiences and a considerable amount of coffee, we were onto something. Five elements emerged, again and again that, as former Spanish Property Agents, we were not impressed about from the established Spanish Property Portals.

Here they are for you to agree with:-

1. Price

2. Flexibility

3. Indifference

4. Visibility

5. Limitations

The largest and most expensive international Property Portals don’t really understand the Spanish Property market. Naming no names, they are UK centric. Mostly obsessed with London and the South East of the UK. You know who they are… admit it! Their overseas section offers little in the way of actual features or the property characteristics we require in Spain. Our area of operations is nothing more than an extra income stream to them.

Then come the other dominant players. OK, they specialise in overseas properties and locations, but Spain is just that… A location! You are still a small fish in a large sea. Yes, they can claim to have a million visitors per month, but what are the odds that your 100 properties in your little area of Spain will get noticed?

Closer to home are the established, specialist Spanish property portals, you know these too! They grew fat in the good times, but, after the world financial crisis of 2008, they dug in, circled their wagons and refused to offer deals to their loyal customers. Many of their users/agents simply had to closed their doors and reluctantly went away… Thanks for nothing we said as we attended to our staff redundancies, lease obligations and company vehicle repossessions. The portal bosses simply replied… “you’ll be back!”

And of course, we were. By 2012, the market began to return, albeit slowly. Spanish Property Agents found enough in their meagre pots to send their xml_feed to the portals again. There was no welcome back, no loyalty discounts, it was simply business as usual for the legacy marketplace leaders in Spanish Property Portals. Well to be fair, they did offer the odd, extra ‘featured property’ concession, but that didn’t really cost them anything did it?

So, here we are, going through another, unimaginable major crisis in our industry and again, not of our making! Suddenly and inconveniently your portal renewal comes up and sales commissions are slow and spasmodic to say the least. You contact your ‘very polite’ portal account manager – yes, they are mostly lovely – until you ask for a concession on price, or a free month. We can already perceive the answer… “sorry, the computer says no!“

“Well sorry and all that, but it’s simply not good enough, I’ve been a loyal customer for 10 years, and I’m not happy, I’m going elsewhere!” – That’s what you want to say, but, with all of the above taken into consideration, where the hell is this ‘ELSEWHERE?”

Can we, at this juncture just say… WELCOME TO SPAIN COAST AND COUNTRY DOT COM. Yes, that’s right, we are `THE AGENT’S SPANISH PROPERTY PORTAL.’

This is where the coffee kicked in. It was our ‘caffeine moment’ – a big one and it makes sense. Please read on.

We don’t know about you, but, over the years, our founding partners have spent hundreds of thousands of euros on Spanish Property Portals, so much in fact, that we inadvertently paid for them to become so Internet dominant that they’ve pushed our own websites out of Google’s top 20 or 30 index. Perhaps, in your particular case, you no longer display in Google’s top 50, it’s highly probable.

Many of these elite portals don’t want to allow your logo to be prevalent on their platforms. Some won’t accept watermarked images and most prefer to keep your company brand presence to a single agency page that hardly any of their visitors will bother to click on. Many want to charge extra to display your logo. Then come the other limitations such as; maximum properties, images, a separate account for new build homes or multi-regional locations. You’re paying a premium price to be invisible, not only on their expensive marketing platform, but also to keep your very own expensive website out of the search engine’s top listings. That can’t be right!

NOW comes the good news. has been conceived to promote your brand, your estate agency, your location and your property listings, with your company name all over it. Yes, you can have watermarked images, yes, you can mention your company name and contact details in your property descriptions. You can also see your logo on every property listing.

We’ll provide backlinks to your website too and display your direct telephone number (not some 1p per minute earner for us) You are also invited to write a high profile articles several times a month, describing your business and local towns, cities and even individual properties you have for sale, all with your company logo, contact details and important backlinks to help your website climb in search engine rankings. Your articles will appear on our homepage blog and tips section and be indexed by the major search engines. That’s why we like to call ourselves ‘The Agents Property Portal’, because we’re here to help your business grow… and the faster you grow, the more popular we become, resulting in more, quality enquiries for your properties. But we’re also offering even more, please read on.

Let’s now look at our price packages. We know the cheapest isn’t necessarily the best, but, having read what we’ve said above, you will appreciate the best isn’t necessarily the most expensive. Flexibility, zero limitations and total appreciation of your loyalty and support is our mindset. To become the most visited and successful Spanish Property Portal, we must become THE AGENT’S PREFERRED PROPERTY PORTAL – we MUST earn your support, provide the best service at the lowest possible prices and be prepared to be flexible. Our price packages are already set at the lowest in the industry. But we are open to negotiations for longer-term commitment and smaller or larger than average property feeds.

Why not get in touch with us before we get in touch with you 😉 It will save you money!

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