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Country Property for sale in Spain – Is it Still the Best Value For Money?

Country Property for sale in Spain – Is it Still the Best Value For Money?

To cut a long story short, YES.

Rural property for sale in Spain has always provided the best value per square metre of living space and of course, with the added fringe benefit of lashings of extra land. Then of course we need to acknowledge the added privacy (space between neighbouring properties) and views.

When it comes to value for money, you have the choice of a 3 bed 140m2 apartment in Marbella with a rooftop solarium, or an 8 bedroom, 400m2 detached hillside farmhouse inland with 5 acres of land providing 360 degree views of open countryside – both could cost you 500,000€. But, it all depends on your personal requirements.

You might be looking for a lock-up and go holiday home, in a gated community where all of the maintenance is done for you. If that’s your preference, then the country House option would, on the face of it, seem less appropriate. Well, not necessarily. The maintenance costs on a large country home  could amount to the same expense as the community fees on a gated community. So, in reality, your large country house could offer you a lock-up and go holiday home and provide you with a nice spacious place with extra privacy compared to an apartment by the coast.

Be it a coastal apartment or a substantial country house, both will be able to provide investment income. In each case, there is rental income to be earned during the periods you choose not to occupy it.

Let’s also compare resale values. If you purchased the coastal apartment or the country house, then after say 5 years, you might want to liquidate your asset. What profit could you expect to make when a buyer comes along! Would the apartment have increased in value more quickly than the rural home? Despite it being almost impossible to predict, the chances are; there would be little or no difference in their respective values.

The past 12 years have thrown up a few curve balls. From global financial crisis to Brexit and the current Covid19 pandemic. Who could possibly predict, or even dare to predict where Spanish property values will be in 5 years time. At a guess; there is every likelihood that comparable values between the coastal apartment and a country home will remain more or less equal; even if the resale market goes up or down.

In summary, of course the Spanish Country Property offers more bang for your buck; greater versatility of use and of course, that extra privacy. So our verdict is yes, it is certainly the best choice if you are looking for value for money.